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Hockley Viaduct Brief History

Hockley Viaduct Brief History, from its opening in 1891 to its restoration for relaunch in 2013 as the Viaduct Way. Originally published in the Southern Counties Railway Society Newsletter, February 2013.

Hockley Viaduct Timeline

The Hockley Viaduct Timeline – as given on the Winchester City Council website and preserved by the Internet Archive machine

The Actor and the Architect

The Actor and the Architect What’s the connection between the Victorian children in these photos? The schoolboy is Arthur Malcolm Heathcote (1847-1934), photographed at Twyford School. Arthur was the sixth son of Sir William Heathcote, 5th Baronet. The Heathcotes had bought Hursley Park from the Cromwell family in 1718, after the death of Richard Cromwell. […]

Guide to All Saints Church Compton

Short Guide to All Saints Church Compton covering the church’s history and significant features of its architecture, interior elements and memorials.

All Saints Compton Extension 1905

All Saints Compton Extension 1905: before and after illustrations and related plaques on display in the church and the Hampshire Archives.

Ray Wilmshurst

Ray Wilmshurst: George Beckett, Compton & Shawford Parish Council chairman, recalls Ray’s 57 years of contribution to the community.

Percy Cole

Percy Cole BEM

Percy Cole: postman, soldier, gardener and long serving Scout leader, remembered by rector William Prescott.

Arthur Malcolm Heathcote

Arthur Malcolm Heathcote – the founding father of the Heathcote Players and his lifelong interest in acting and the theatre

All Saints' Church, Compton East window by C.E.Kempe

All Saints Compton Stained Glass Windows

All Saints Compton Stained Glass Windows In preparation   The Utterton Memorial window We are advised that the 1963 Utterton Memorial window uses opaque white glass, of the kind first used in Venice to produce an imitation porcelain or mother-of-pearl effect, and used extensively by Tiffany. Some notes concerning the Utterton Memorial window The Reverend Edwin Ernest Sumner Utterton was the […]

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