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LHS Talk 3 May 2023


A rare chance to hear about a previous rector of Compton who was also an eminent photographer, from the man who wrote the book about early clerical photography

Image from Amateur Photographer & Photography [1]believed to be out of copyright


The Rev. A.H. Blake and the world of clerical photography

Compton Church by A.H.Blake
Photography by A.H.Blake,
3rd Edition 1899
pub George Routledge & Sons Ltd
Photographica World 2022/1 published by PCCGB
(the Photographic Collectors’ Club of Great Britain)

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1believed to be out of copyright
2Rector of Compton April 1902-December 1903 see Rev A.H.W.Blake (this website)
3Blake was the founder of the London School of Landscape Photography, Photographic Editor of the Morning Post for many years, founder and president of the London and Country Rambling Society. He also founded the Society of Night Photographers of England.
4James Downs on LinkedIn
5James’ 2019 PhD thesis was Ministers of ‘the Black Art’: the engagement of British clergy with photography, 1839-1914