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About the Local History Society

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Compton & Shawford Local History Society is being resurrected by a core group of enthusiasts.

At present, the Society is an informal group of interested individuals.

It is not an organisation with a formal constitution or membership.

We welcome the involvement of anyone who wishes to discover and preserve the history of this beautiful and fascinating area.

A culture needs to preserve its past in order to survive in the future. Our communities are shaped by the events and people that have been here over the centuries. We walk in their footsteps, and as such are all current custodians of that rich heritage.

We see our general purpose as providing :-

  • a focal point for local history research.
  • a discussion forum for ideas related to local history.
  • a forum for sharing resources and information on local history.
  • a forum for seeking and securing the appropriate archiving of material.

We see our principles of working as :-

  • welcoming to all who share a similar vision.
  • a flexible and open-minded in approach.
  • accepting individual and collective research projects.
  • accepting starter articles which could lead to wider research.
  • encouraging anecdotal, human-based studies, so that we don’t lose what is in our communities.
  • welcoming more in-depth, serious research and collaboration with other appropriate agencies.
  • active in publicity and communication of our work, through articles in the Parish Magazine and/or on this website, open to those who share the interest.
  • available to meet when there is sufficient demand and at a minimum, twice a year.
  • establishing an email network for communication.
  • developing a small working budget for running expenses (eg. cost of room hire)

Over recent years, the Parish Magazine has printed many articles about local history. Several of them are already online on this website and/or the Parish Web Site, and we are working our way through the back catalogue to discover earlier articles of interest to local historians.  We have also compiled a list useful references, as well as a starter list of further potential projects which may be of interest to anyone wishing to get involved. See also:

This is a reprint, with minor alterations, of an article from the Parish Magazine, January 2017.

Any Comments or Suggestions?

If you would like to share them with the community, please use the comment form below.

Then, if appropriate, the moderators will release your comments for general visibility and perhaps further comment by others.

If you would prefer to send a message to the organisers, consider using the Contact Us page instead.


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