Arthur Malcolm Heathcote

Framed photo of Arthur Malcolm Heathcote,
1847 – 1934, that has been on display in the Parish Hall.

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The Heathcote family

The Heathcote family bought Hursley Park in 1718.

They were for many years the largest landowner in Compton.

After the death, in 1881, of Sir William Heathcote, the fifth baronet, the Hursley estate was sold in 1899 to Joseph W. Baxendale, the owner of the Pickfords logistics and removal company.

Arthur was the sixth son of Sir William.


Arthur Malcolm Heathcote

The inscription below the framed photo of Arthur Heathcote reads:

Arthur Malcolm Heathcote, 1847 – 1934, in the character of Sir Peter Teazle.

In affectionate and grateful remembrance of one who, by the inspiration of his own acting, & by the unselfish devotion & enthusiasm in training others, will hold an honoured place among the benefactors of the Parish

Austin Whitaker wrote in Compton & Shawford, 1985

One of the longest-standing and most popular institutions has been the dramatic club, the Heathcote players, founded in 1936 and named after Mr. Arthur Heathcote, a talented amateur actor who had long encouraged productions in the village. For many years the Shawford Pantomime, written and produced by Mrs. B.M. Clegg, was a well-known and very popular attraction at Christmas time.


Sadly, Arthur Heathcote lost his two sons in the First World War. This memorial to them sits in Hursley church, next to the much larger memorial to their grandfather Sir William Heathcote, the 5th Baronet.

Arthur and Mary Heathcote, of Compton Close, Winchester lost both their sons in the First World War.

  • Lt. James Shirley Heathcote died aged 30 on 28/08/1917.
  • 2nd Lt. Martin Arthur Heathcote died aged 23 on 18/07/1916.



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